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Electronics cleaning

Dry cleaning process

After a loss, the management is faced with new tasks and must now take the right steps; in addition, decisions must be made.

Time is a very important factor, so we offer them our help to eliminate the damage as soon as possible, of course, under Compliance with all legal and employers’ liability insurance association regulations.

Wet cleaning process

Soiling (such as oils, greases, incrustations) and contamination by salts, acids and alkalis, can only be removed on most surfaces by wet cleaning.

Wet cleaning is based on two different processes, with organic or inorganic (aqueous) cleaning agents.

When using water-based wet cleaning, ensure that the parts are sufficiently dried (circulating air/vacuum drying).

When organic cleaning agents are used, the medium evaporates without leaving any residues, which shortens the cleaning time. Thus, the plant is available and ready for use again after a short time, but this type is not generally feasible.