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About us

Our company was founded in 2011, with registration in the trade register for electrical engineering of the Chamber of Crafts. With our knowledge at the Siemens AG, we founded were in 1995 the Siemens cleaning service, by changing the core competences the cleaning service was dissolved again in 2014, we were able to take over a large part of it and thus continue this important service.

Our greatest success is functioning plants and satisfied customers.


Our services for the industrial sector

Expert appraisal

Cleaning and sanitation


Quality, environmental and occupational safety are important core competencies for us.

The compliance with valid laws and regulations, as well as the avoidance of environmental pollution are of utmost importance to us.

Customer satisfaction has the highest priority.

Sustainability and continuous improvement processes should support us not to stand on the spot and to optimize our processes.

„The prevention of accidents is not a question of legal regulations,
but of corporate responsibility and is also an imperative of economic sense.“


A quote on occupational health and safety from 1880